Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Karie Blossoms from Kim Akrgg on Vimeo.

I've been experimenting with video a bit lately, this is my third attempt. Lots to learn still, and I apologize for all the shakiness since my tripod is older than I am(I kid you not), and a pain to use sometimes. One day I'll get it right! Only downfall of making your own behind the scenes videos is that it's slightly impossible to shoot yourself shooting. This shoot was inspired by a MAC ad Vincent had posted on Facebook, and I loved the make up and wanted to do something sort of like it. The cherry blossoms were Karie's idea, I only wish that most of the blossoms were lower down and not so high on the tree :(

Finished product:

I edited them while watching/listening to Jasmine Star's wedding lecture on Creative Live, so inspiring. Even if you don't want to be a wedding photog I think most of what she said could be applicable to any form of photography. For those not in the know, Creative Live is an amazing resource that hosts professional photographers workshops and broadcasts them live on the internet FOR FREE! If you miss the actual workshop you can watch (usually) half of it for free on youtube, and most of them can be purchased for $99-$145.


  1. Your photos are sooo amazing!
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  2. I like it ! You've a big talent. Each your photos have warmth and oneless. You're my inspirations ;)