Sunday, April 17, 2011

A little while back I did a shoot with Kayanna, we were planning to shoot at a beach, then a park, then it was supposed to rain and I wasn't really sure what to cause I really didn't want to shoot this one indoors. So I kept putting off planning how to shoot it indoors and just hoping that it would be sunny, and luckily enough it was dry and perfectly cloudy. By chance Kayanna's mom discovered this tugboat junkyard near my house, and we decided to shoot there. It went off perfectly, aside from being a little cold and some guy accusing Shawnna and I of stealing metal.

Model: Kayanna at John Casablancas
Make Up: Shawwna Downing
Styling: Nicolette Lang-Andersen

The last shot is my favorite...just cause I seem to enjoy things on people's heads that shouldn't be there, like necklaces.

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